Thursday, April 29, 2010

Potato Gratin

Was invited to a BBQ yesterday at a friends house down the coast a bit. was asked to bring something but proteins were taken care of, as were salads, vegetables, and dessert. with not enough time to make bread i decided i needed a starch option, so i went with the potato gratin, or scalloped potatoes. i make it with a mixture of cream, milk, onions, and cream cheese which i heat and then puree, then i turn the heat way down and load cheese into it. yesterday had grana padona, and two types of Tillamook cheddar. i thinly sliced potatoes and blanched them in hot water (never boiling with potatoes) to give them a head start on the cooking process and allow me to get some salt directly on the potatoes. drained well then arranged in a glass casserole, topped with sauce, then po's again, then sauce, potatoes, and finished with sauce and some more cheese. into the oven covered for two hours. thinking i was way original i headed to the BBQ, and low and behold another woman had made the same freaking dish. grrr. anyway mine i hope was superior. first time i had ever been to a BBQ with a group of restaurant people, and of the 20 or so total that showed there were at least 4-5 who cook professionally. which leads to some interesting takes on what is brought. all of it amazing. next time i will have to up my game by at least two fold.

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