Tuesday, April 13, 2010


home a bit earlier then usual today and was able to help with dinner. Italian sausage in homemade tomato sauce tossed with orzo and finished with a grana padano cheese. really simple meal with a loaf of french bread and my grandmothers green beans. orzo is rice shaped pasta that you don't see very often. i like it for a few different reasons the first being that you don't see it very often. second, it is able to take more of a beating than most other dried pastas can. it is harder to overcook and more easy to hold warm without losing all of its integrity. the third and most important thing i like about it though is its size. much easier for children to eat (think spoonfuls) and adults without getting shirts and tablecloths covered in sauce. it will easily replace spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair, etc in any recipe i can think of, costs about the same and can even be cooked risotto style (more on that at some point for sure). if you have small children or a very well dressed spouse, give it a shot next time your at the grocery store.

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