Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanks....and prostart

wow.....i am astounded that you guys are reading this. thanks bunches. as for the uncrustables i almost regretted writing it until you all agreed with me. i do know who Jamie Oliver is and have been a fan of his since the early naked chef days, and then jaimie at home days. this has been issue of mine for some time. i am involved in the local high school as a chef-mentor for a program called prostart. students that are interested in potentially cooking as a career can take an elective class that teaches some harder skill things that you can expect in a professional kitchen or restaurant. we develop a menu that once perfected goes to a competition where the students have 1 hr to cook a three course meal on two portable burners only. it is a huge time and financial commitment for the restaurant, but i think it provides a good experience for the students and if they take away a solid knowledge of fundamentals then they are better for it, even if they aren't ever going to cook professionally (a career i rarely would recommend) my interaction at the school exposes me to the lunch options (exactly the same as when i was there 10-15 yrs ago) we have also done two-three meals for school functions at the local elementary as well, to give them a healthy break from the foods they are exposed to both at home and school. its a problem i an deeply passionate about, i just am not sure how to approach it.

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