Saturday, April 17, 2010


So i got a call the other day from one of the higher ups (really high up) at work looking for a product for a birthday party. the product is called "uncrustables" and is made by smuckers. i was unclear what they were but made a phone call to a purveyor and was able to track them down. the product showed on Friday and i got it out today.... this is a peanut butter and strawberry jam sand. and the crust has been cut off of it. its then frozen and sold that way. the person that wanted them from me knew they were available wholesale as they feed them to their children at elementary school. i was totally grossed out and as if i needed another reason to not like them, they are extremely expensive as well. over $1.10 a piece wholesale. i didn't try one and they could be amazing but i cant get behind the fact that there are people buying these. at work we make loaves of bread (white and wheat) that i can make for $.80 per loaf, good bread takes no more than 5 ingredients (yeast, flour, salt, water, and maybe butter, or oil) good jam takes 3 (fruit, pectin, sugar) and peanut butter takes 2-3 depending, that is a total that is around 10 total ingredients to make that same sandwich, instead the ingredient list went on for almost 4 inches (i measured) and i didn't recognize most of it. what got me more is that these are wealthy people, people that not only know better, but can afford better. if you have this crap around the house don't feed it to your children, they don't need it. crust less pb and j is one thing. frozen, packed with preservatives and chemicals, in a fake bread with fake jam and fake peanut butter is a whole new ballpark, especially at our public schools. get involved, and feed your family better than this. seriously.


  1. Have you been following Jamie Olivers Food Revolution??

  2. Keep up the good work. You might just check out the menu's for school lunches. If it is anything like my grandkids school you would be appauled. Do check out Jamie Olivers Food Revolution. His show is on Friday Nights. He used to be called the Naked Chef.