Thursday, April 22, 2010

Malted Cheesecake

A while back i realized the potential of adding malt powder to desserts. malt has a very recognizable taste, that is craved by many, and helps them to recall memories of childhood, or even adulthood. historically used in milkshakes, but i have had a really hard time finding just plain malt. i have found malted milk (which i have been using in breads at home) and various chocolate malts, but i wanted plain malt. a few weeks ago i found plain malt in an Ovaltine container at a local Winco and bought a jar for a few dollars. i made a few malted milks with it, and then used some to make a chocolate malted creme brulee that is pictured in one of my first posts. the idea was to make a brulee that tasted like really good hot cocoa, just cold, so i used a few different types of chocolate and then the malt powder. they turned out amazing, and i was surprised at the depth of flavor that the malt powder provided. at work i am fortunate enough to be one of the only restaurants with a full time pastry chef so i told her my thinking and she thought rather than a brulee it would work in a cheesecake. this is the first rendition. (hopefully more to come) she swirled bittersweet chocolate into the cheesecake at the end and all of it was mixed with the same Ovaltine malt that i bought at Winco. her recipe makes three cheesecakes and i got my hands on one piece today. should be on the dessert tray at work for the next day or so, but if we can get some more malt we will run with it through the remainder of the month at least. not my doing in the least, but mine from conception.

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