Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peeled Potatoes

A quick look at one of the most basic of kitchen tasks- peeling potatoes. this is about 150 lbs. of potatoes that were peeled today and i thought i would touch on this fundamental task. busy weekend at work, and this is one of the basic prep tasks that is done in almost every kitchen. i have had more than a few dishwashers that wanted to become cooks and i tell them the same thing every time. you cant be a cook until you have peeled 2000 lbs of potatoes, and 1000 lbs of carrots, and peeled and diced 2000 lbs of onions. it is a simple fundamental task that is important for the kitchen. i still do tasks like this, and while i didn't peel very many of these at all, i have peeled more than my fair share. i try to explain often to people that if you are bothered by a task like peeling potatoes, or washing dished for that matter, then you should rethink your career choice. it doesn't get any easier from those points. take the opportunity to enjoy tasks like this at home. i know they can be a pain, but in the end, its a simple job that allows you to get to know your product better, and teaches you some basic kitchen discipline.

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  1. This, my friend, is work ethic spelled out right. Right on!!