Friday, October 1, 2010

Lobster Mushrooms

The lobster mushroom is found locally until we have had a few good freezes. Named lobster for its vibrant color that resembles a cooked lobster, and also because it has a almost oceany aroma to it that is very noticeable while cleaning and the first stages of cooking. They grow in odd shapes and sizes, and due to the muddy terrain where they are found they often show up very, very dirty. These were actually a gift from one of my cooks who found them on the side of a road. I brushed them with a pastry brush and then cut off any excessively dirty parts. While the fall focus is almost always on chanterelles, the lobster mushroom is usually found more easily, and I love it for its amazing color, a color that will stand out in a blend of other mushrooms. Again while pricing will vary, and it may not be locally available to you lobster mushroom should be less expensive then chanterelles.

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