Friday, October 1, 2010

From Home

To take a break from Razor clam research I hit the kitchen pretty hard this morning. With some rain earlier in the day I was motivated to make some soup. Potato leek for soup with grilled ham and mozzarella sandwiches and some grapes. The boys have been asking me to make ice cream so I made, cooled, churned, and am now freezing a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, that is going to be fantastic. Got four baguettes put together that are now resting. Yesterday I bought half a beef tenderloin, cleaned, tied and seared it to be roasted for dinner over a lobster mushroom risotto. Since the boys have been in school it has been pretty hard for Melissa and I to be able to go out on a date. Previously we have been very spoiled and fortunate to eat at some of the nicest restaurants locally and in the city, I am even able to expense a lot of our dates for research and development (a fantastic perk).  In tern I have been tyring to cook a meal that we would have on a date, from home, once a week or so, it is also helping with our ongoing efforts to get our children to have better manners at home and at restaurants.

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