Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bobs Red Mill

I try not to offer much purchasing advice, but wanted to mention Bobs Red Mill. They are an Oregon company that does all of their own milling, and has a extremely extensive list of products. Some certified organic things, and a huge collection of gluten free products. I have been using their products for years at home and work and am always amazed at the quality, and consistency. I am to the point now where I wont cook polenta if its not theirs. I also have a chance to interact with their sales reps at food shows and on the telephone every so often and am always impressed with their vast knowledge and passion about their products. If you or a loved one has gluten tolerance issues they are worth checking out, and even if you are not they carry some interesting things like spelt flour, barley flour, green pea flour, brown rice flour, etc. I also am a huge fan of their groats, steel cut oats (more on both of those very soon), polenta, semolina, rye flour, bulgar wheat, breakfast cereals, etc.

Their website is super informative and they are available in the health foods section of your local grocery store to some extent. The whole reason this came up is that Fred Meyer is having a sale this week and all of their Bobs Red Mill stuff is 40% off. So I went yesterday and scored pretty big, for as low as 1.47/# on some stuff. I encourage you to buy food from trusted sources, and to buy food from people that are passionate about what they do, and these guys are. Check it out.

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