Saturday, May 1, 2010

Red Tail Perch

Locally perch can be seen jumping in the surf when the conditions are perfect. a small fish that looks alot like a toothless piranha. we were able to get about 20 fresh perch today, and getting them scaled and gutted fell on my shoulders before i could go home tonight. they are on the special for tomorrow- buttermilk soaked then dredged in rice flour then fried whole. going to serve them with a white peach puree (one of my favorite fruits of all time) some roasted local potatoes, braised local greens, and asparagus. again, while scaling and gutting fish isn't a fun task, especially late on a Saturday night when i would much rather go home, its still a task that needs to be done. this fish represents a life that was taken for the sole purpose of consumption. i owe it to the fish, the ocean, the men who caught it, my customers, my purveyors, and myself to take tasks like this seriously, and with the up most respect and reverence, and i try to tackle any protein related job as such. i encourage you to think about the proteins you both eat and cook like this. we are fortunate to have these things and we owe it to them to treat them with dignity and approach them in a skilled manner.

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