Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The garden looks good. my pumpkins (from seed) look better than a friend of mines that were bought as starts. i am getting 5 or so really ripe yellow cherry tomatoes every four or five days, which is double amazing as we havent had a good day of sunshine for what seems like two weeks. my squashes have tons of blossoms, herbs all look good, and i have even added a tomatillo plant, some sage, and a huge pot full of Russian banana fingerling potatoes. my onions after not growing for a month have sprouted into perfect green onions and i have a steady supply of them. over all i am really happy about all of it, and for a first timer i feel so satisfied by all of it. the boys are excited to see how it looks every morning when we leave the house. i have some vivid childhood memories regarding the smell of tomato plants as well. anyone that has ever had some success growing or picking them knows they have an amazing aroma, and when i pick tomatoes, or water them even the smell is transferred to my hands, and lasts for a few hours. it is a mind blowing smell that is vividly different from the also amazing smell of really ripe tomatoes. i had to run to my parents house the other day and was able to actually go out to the garden and pick a few different things to take to them. clockwise from 12 you have dill, green onions, basil (from seed), yellow cherry tomatoes, pole peas, and then in the middle a baby red cherry tomato and a ripe but small marzano roma tomato (regarded as the best sauce tomato in the world) . dad being a sucker for tomatoes was impressed, and i hope it all went to good use. i hope that we can get some sunlight in the coming weeks and will have a chance to see more stuff. as it sits i am very happy with what i have, especially being able to pick herbs and even small amounts of things at the end of the day, to work them into my day to day cooking.

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