Thursday, April 7, 2011


A quick thanks to all of my readers as today celebrates exactly one year since my first post. I appreciate your support, feedback, and well wishes. The blog is getting more and more hits everyday, and my Twitter following seems to increase almost everyday. I have struggled with what I wanted to accomplish here so again if you are interested in seeing something in particular please just ask. Until then I will try to keep things unexpected and a tad different. I just really want this to be more than just a blog full of piss-poor recipes, and have always believed that if we can teach and learn technique we don't need to rely on recipes, instead learning what things should look like, smell like, and taste like. Nothing erks me more than a recipe that someone has cooked multiple times and still has no idea why they do what they do, when they do it. There is a lot of food information out there and more and more I am seeing info that I don't think is accurate, or helpful, or sometimes just plain wrong.  Feel confident that the topics I choose here are a true passion of mine, and that the writing of even a simple post takes me about two hours, and while I cant always guarantee that everyone on earth would agree, they are always the most accurate information I can gather through hands on work. As a chef I spend hours and hours in a kitchen everyday and on the days I am not in the work kitchen I am usually in my own kitchen at home. This is an absolute passion of mine, and more than just a job or a phase. The support I get from you as readers, and the encouragement, help to make that more enjoyable and encourages me to continue to strive for excellence. Thank you all for reading.

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  1. I have to say, I would like to see more first-hand stories of you in your kitchen. Funny stories, angry stories, stories that make me want to cry. I have to say, one of my favorite blogs so far was about the Birkenstocks. Kinda personal, a tad emotional and plenty of room for people to identify with you.