Thursday, June 3, 2010

Local Strawberries

Locally (willamette valley) strawberries only grow in full force for just over a month out of the year, and we are at the very beginning of the season. i was able to get one flat about a week ago, but no more until today. i bought one for use here at the house, and two more for the restaurant. Oregon strawberries differ from the California berries that you see in the market year round. They are never as uniform looking (basically they haven't been altered as much so they aren't as pretty), and they don't last very long at all. shelf life of a few days max. when you eat a California strawberry, they also tend to have a hollow center, where Oregon ones aren't hollow. the color of Oregon ones are much deeper and richer, while the California ones look more pink in comparison. they also smell much more aromatic then the ones from further south. the good news is these should be available at your local farmers market, or at u-pick places, and roadside stands everywhere in the coming weeks. they are worth the time to seek out, and usually are less expensive then the California's would be at the grocery store. try to get your hands on some and once washed (mine were really muddy-due to the juneuary weather we have been having) they are fantastic with a bit of sugar and a of course a pinch of salt.

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  1. Your hard work and dedication amaze me every day! Thank you for all the inspiring blogs.